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sasuke 105 #X4522 CHCH
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  8. sasuke 105 #X4522 CHCH

sasuke 105 #X4522 CHCH

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Natural color which flushing is effective and clear type color which is familiar with water and does not appeal more than necessary. It was the cut holograph of this time that I did "nice thoroughness" of these two base colors. While appealing to the seabass by flushing with a hologram, it shows light silhouettes through light. It also has the effect of irregularly reflecting the light which is also a feature of the clear system color, allowing a different appeal in a day game.

  • SPEC
  • overall length: 105 mm
  • Weight: 13g
  • Type: Floating
  • Range: 50-80 cm
  • Action: Wobbn'Roll
  • Hook: # 4
  • Ring: # 3
  • Birthday: 2017/07/31
  • Recommended area: flats, harbors, rivers
  • JAN: 4539625115579

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