[Notice] Notice of Summer Holiday 更多细节
[Limited] "Aki Yamame color" appears for large aim of mountain stream season late stage! 更多细节
[Renewal] GUN KICHI 5g, GUN KICHI 7g, GUN KICHI 12g is renewed with a hook with tinsel 更多细节
[New color] "usable new color" appeared in somari 90! 更多细节
[Limited] In front of the season in, easy Hazecra tune appeared this year! 更多细节
[Limited] Diving pencil Banett easy to handle for everyone. Tune for tuna comes up this year too! 更多细节
[New product] Fit glove outstanding in wearing comfort comes up! 更多细节
[New product] Suzuki Hitoshi Second production supervised, Pencil Bait CHAPPY 100 comes up! 更多细节
[New color] "usable new color" appeared in saskue 105 ! 更多细节
[New product] Simple design T-shirts appears for summer!! 更多细节
[New product] ima rod belt has been renewed! 更多细节
[New product] Suzuki Hitoshi's first project, ima's first Wake Minnow Lipper 90 comes up! 更多细节
[Renewal] GUNKICHI 20g, GUNKICHI 30g, GUNKICHI 40g are renewed with a hook with tinsel! 更多细节
[Limited Release] Small but Big Presence! Famous item sasuke 98 Goriki is limited reproduction! 更多细节
[Limited Release] I was particular about not only flying distance but also action! Hound 100F sonic is a limited edition! 更多细节
[Notice] Notice of Golden Week Holiday 更多细节
[New product]Sinking pencil YOICHI 80 new release that can be used for all seasons and all rounds! 更多细节
[新的颜色]SCHNEIDER系列,kosuke 85F增添了新的颜色。 更多细节
[限量发行]Santis系列中出现了蓝色鱼的颜色。 更多细节
[限量发行]“Hirame Freak”今年再次登场! 更多细节
[ima LURES 2019 CATALOG] ima LURES 2019目录完成! 更多细节
[新产品]K-ta 58 SUSPEND 新品发布! 更多细节
[新产品]NEW LURE CASE !! 更多细节
[限量发行] Kosuke's sinking model 限量版! 更多细节
[新的颜色]Long-selling shad B-ta70以新的颜色出现! 更多细节
[新的颜色]Trout Lure series 以新的颜色出现! 更多细节
[新产品]No.15 被释放给 Madai Soul Range Setter! 更多细节
[限量发行]sukari85 DXS / SCHNEIDER 18樱花鳟 颜色 限量发行! 更多细节
[限量发行] 有限的再版komomo SF-125的初始型号 更多细节
[新产品] 紧凑型kosuke meba kosuke 35F的新版本 更多细节
[新的颜色]sasuke SF-50, meba CALM, ESPADA 110 新颜色出现! 更多细节