[Notice] Notice of year-end and New Year holidays 更多细节
[New Product] “AMS” Hoodie is new arival! 更多细节
[New product] Suspended shad for all-purpose light game that inherits the features of the " K-ta " series. 更多细节
[Limited Edition] Aim for the longing 30cm UP! A special color for Big black rockfish color! 更多细节
[New Product] A pencil popper that switches on fish with two sounds, pop and rattle. 更多细节
[New product] New colors that are perfect for large bait patterns in autumn! 更多细节
[New product] Large bait pattern type lure somari 140 is now available! 更多细节
[Additional colors] Practical colors based on the experience of 4 ima professional staff members are added to the standard! 更多细节
[Additional colors] Shallow-specialized minnows iBORN 78mm and 98mm have additional colors! 更多细节
[Limited Edition] This season, the color of the addicted salashi will be ready for the autumn season! 更多细节
[New Product] Floating vest with updated comfort and ease-of-use and a newly designed pouch! 更多细节
[New product] The second ima x New Era collaboration is here! 更多细节

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